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Using Our Word Scramble Help Site

The Word Scramble Solver

Our word scramble solver (this page) is intended to help you play word games and solve word puzzles. Enter your letters into the word unscrambler, including any blank tiles (wild cards, can be any letter) and it will find all of the words you can make with those words. It will do an ultra-fast dictionary search and find all of the words that are a anagram of those letters. The words you unscramble will be sorted in descending length, so all the 8 letter words will be first, followed by the seven letter words, etc....

Other Word Scramble Resources

But wait, as they say in television. There's more (much more!). In addition to our word unscrambler, we have a word scrambler (when you need to turn a word into random jumbled letters) and a word scramble maker. These tools are very helpful if you're trying to study for a test or home school some kids. The former is a scrambled word creator. The word scramble maker will print out a neat little worksheet you can share with your students. This works great for teachers, home school parents, athletic coaches / PE teachers (need kids to learn the vocabulary? give them a word scramble puzzle at the start of practice on a rainy day), bored orthodontists, and personal therapists.

OK, so what do people really use it for?

Our innocent little word scramble help site? A little bird told me that people sometimes like to use our word unscrambler as a word finder for scrabble word games. And yes, it works great as a scrabble word finder (for stuff like the zynga with friends game franchises). Other common games include: text twist, word chums, jumble puzzles, and other online word scramble games. If your friends cheat at word games, you're now well equipped to even up the score with this jumble solver. Plus the word scramble puzzles in your sunday newspaper, of course....

I should note that we're not using the official scrabble dictionary here. Our word unscrambler is powered by a open-source word list. But never fear, the dictionary behind our scrabble word finder actually works BETTER for many online scrabble games! Many of the more common online scrabble word games were built using the same dictionary to avoid copyright issues.

What about anagram games?

Oh, you're looking for an anagram solver? The word scramble solver is great at finding anagrams. It can unscramble letters into a word list of anagrams you can unscramble from those letters. To find traditional anagrams, look at only the words which use all of the letters. These will be listed at top of the word finder word list.

What other kinds of word puzzles are there?

There are word search puzzles of course. That takes the idea of a word scramble and makes it into a two dimensional puzzle. Plus there's an entire class of puzzles built around missing letters, such as hangman and crossword puzzles.

In Closing...

So there you have it! A world class unscramble words cheat, here to unscramble letters for puzzles and word games.

Sample Word Scramble Puzzles

So taking a step back, lets shift our focus from our word scramble decoder to some examples of the method in action. What kind of word scramble puzzles could you make? (bear in mind, we have a way to make your own word scramble).

Study Helpers

Speaking from personal experience, I love using word scramble puzzles as a study aide, particularly if you're trying to learn vocabulary. Think about the last time you had to study a new sport (with its own set of unique words). Or perhaps you need to quickly learn some scientific vocabulary (a doctor, nurse, dentist, orthodontist, or endodontist). Maybe you are even a personal injury lawyer, seeking to brush up on legal concepts for a class action lawsuit. Need to make sure you understand all that vocabulary? Stick that into a word scramble wordsheet maker and see if you can solve it.

Quick Home School Assignments

This is where word scramble worksheets absolutely excel. Got a bunch of vocabulary you need to drill a student on? Or - if we're being completely honest, you're totally busy with doing everything else in the household and need a quick way to gets the kids working on something useful. Take your words, feed them into a word scrambler (word scramble creator), and pass out the results. Heck, you can probably even copy paste a list of words from some website on the internet. (just saying)

Sports Coaching & Summer Camps

Another awesome example. Need to teach a bunch of kids the vocabulary for a new sport or game? Load up the list of words into a word scramble maker and print off the results. Pass them around. It's a great way to see who bothered to read your handouts before practice. (just look at our free word scramble maker)

Word Scramble Solver: Technical Details

This word scramble finder uses the latest in mobile web technology to deliver a superlative experience. We use the latest web frameworks built on Google's AMP technology to help the word solver load quickly. Our dictionary search has been optimized to show all scrambled words.

How Do You Solve a Word Scramble, Anyway?

We recommend swapping the letters around and looking for word fragments. If you can find a few word fragments, that can help you make words from letters. If you are trying to play a word game, you might need to search around a bit to get the correct word scramble, since not every solution will be a fit. You may need to try a couple of times to make a word with these letters that fits your game.

Plurals are helpful. Root words, suffixes and prefixes are also very useful. The key to unscramble letters to words is often centered around being able to find little parts of a word and build upwards from there.

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